Get More YouTube Views With These Quick Tips

Tweet Millions of people located all over the globe watch YouTube. This video sharing site is so popular that you can find videos on almost any subject you can think of from hairstyling to fishing. Just type in the keywords and see what pops up. With so many people visiting YouTube, it’s a great opportunity […]

What Are The Best Times Of Day To Tweet?

Tweet Most brands and businesses are turning to social media to be visible amid all the competition. As well, Twitter is a great place to make possible buyers aware of your products. In fact, this could mean increased sales and more traffic to your website. When you buy twitter followers, you stand the chance of […]

How to Attract Fans to Your Ecommerce Store Facebook Page

Tweet Creating a Facebook page for your Ecommerce store just for the sake of being on it will not do any good for your business. As a business marketing strategy, you should be able to attract more and more fans to your Facebook page so that your target audience, here Facebook fans would be more […]

3 Reasons Why QR Codes Will Become Extinct

Tweet Not too long ago, experts were looking at QR codes as the next big thing in marketing. Brands responded accordingly by stamping them all over print media, while trying to find more creative uses for the trend that first got its start in Japan. But these days, it seems as if the QR code […]

Facebook Advertising – 6 Tips for Finding The Small Biz “Sweet Spot”

Tweet It’s cheap, it’s highly targeted and it’s perfect for targeting women, young people, locals, just about anyone – it’s Facebook Ads.  The benefits of using Facebook for advertising, rather than pure social media marketing have long been overlooked.  The original ad algorithm wasn’t great – there were plenty of little loop holes and issues […]

5 Tips to Engage Customers on Your Facebook Page

Tweet Over the last few years Facebook has become one of the most effective marketing tools making it almost compulsory for any company to establish a well-designed and engaging Facebook page. Despite their recent “damp squib” stock market flotation most marketing managers remain convinced that after some minor tweaking Facebook will take up its natural […]

What You Can Learn From the Downfall of Digg’s Social Network

Tweet The downfall of Digg’s social network First launched back in 2004, Digg was the very first social news site and also the true pioneer of the social bookmarking phenomenon. The site was extremely popular, but as they say, nothing lasts forever. In early July, the once prominent service was sold and divvied up in […]

Facebook Vs Pinterest: 5 Things We’ve Learned

Tweet usually spends their time hunting for new designers from around the world to bring their customers genuinely unique artisan pieces of jewelery. Boticca invite you to ‘wear a unique story’, as they splash their handmade goods across a multitude of web pages creating a haven for jewelery lovers the world over. It’s no […]

Google+ vs Facebook vs Twitter – What’s Best for SEO? [Infographic]

Tweet Much ado has been made about promoting small business websites with social networks. But how effective are these activities and which social networks are the most potent? That’s what we set out to understand with this test. We built 6 websites from scratch, each based in a US city and all within the home […]

What Does Facebook’s Timeline Mean to Marketers

Tweet Facebook Timeline Facebook is known for the frequent changes it makes to its layout and functionality. While many of its changes have been only individual users oriented, there are some recent changes like Timeline which is concentrated not only at its users but also at internet marketers as well. Timeline is considered to have […]

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