Happy Holidays

Tweet From all of us PPC For Hire, we want to wish you and yours a fantastic holiday season filled with joy and happiness!

Google Introduces Sharing from the +1 Button

Tweet Last week Google enabling two new features that will make the +1 button even more useful: sharing and +Snippets These features will enable the +1 button to let visitors share pages with individual circles on Google+. By letting visitors choose the Circles they share with, Google has figured out a way to make it easy to start conversations […]

Breaking News: Google Launches +1 Button Social Search

Tweet Today Google released the +1 button for organic search listings and AdWords which allows people signed into Google to recommend websites to friends and contacts within their Google social network. This is done by  clicking a +1 button to the right of the search results in the organic listings and paid ads . When […]

Keyword Duplication

Tweet It seems that anytime someone realizes that there is a keyword out there that is drawing in a lot of traffic it suddenly becomes the next great thing. This means that the entire web community is going to be trying to use and will not only draw traffic from you, but will be thinning […]

Hints For Improving Your Quality Score

Tweet Everyone knows a high quality score will lead to more business as people will see that others are looking so they will want to be there as well. The most important thing to having a good quality score are to have strong keywords. By having good keywords you will drastically improve your business. Relevant […]

Improve Ad Text for Better Results

Tweet When you are looking for any little bit to help improve your business, you will find that having the best ad text will help to create better results. You are going to want to make sure that you use the keyword you have in the title of your page. This will improve results as […]

Tips To Improve Landing Pages

Tweet In order to get people to stay at your site you need to draw them in immediately with a quality landing page. Here are some tips to help make them better if you are not already using them: · Visible and relevant headlines · Ease of use and understanding · Clear and easy to […]

Improving Click Through Rate

Tweet There are a number of things that you can look at that will help to improve your click through rate on your ads. The first thing you will need to discover is what the case of the problem is. Once you have done this you will better be able to troubleshoot what to do. […]

Low Ranking Keywords Can Reap High Rewards

Tweet There are some reasons to keep using low ranking keywords. This is especially true if you are using words that rank in the 4 or 5 range and they are still bringing in business. If the keywords are bringing you the business without being of high rank, why would you change. It may also […]

Using Yahoo Search Types

Tweet Yahoo allows you to have to categorize how you can categorize your content to be matched when people are searching for it. These two types are standard and advanced. With advanced you are able to exclude certain words from being able to allow your site to be matched. This would mean your content is […]

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