Know SEO

Tweet Many times if you are a freelance writer, you will be contacted to write some web articles or content. One of the major things that you will be asked to do, however is to pack the project full of a specific keyword. This is keyword stuffing and the whole point of this is to […]

Simple Is Better

Tweet When you are placing ads and are trying to get people to come and look at your site, you will want to follow some simple plans with the ad. · Do not make the ad too deep. People are not looking for a life story, just information to get them interested. · Put entry […]

Tips For Advertising On Facebook

Tweet Here are some things to consider when you are looking to advertise yourself on Facebook: · Know what guidelines Facebook has. · Make sure to use catchy ad text that is not annoying. · Use images that are relevant and eye catching. · Know different ways to be able to target the users. · […]

Ways To Help Your Bing Rankings

Tweet As everyone knows, you want to be near the top or at the top of a search no matter what server you are on. Well in order to make it easier here are the things that Bing looks at when they rank pages once a search is entered. These tips will help you to […]

Technorati Authorization

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Test Post

Tweet <!–ca8af755f98c4d10b44c33f14584728f–> 8EB5U53STJS9

Using Third Tier Engines

Tweet There are a number of third tier engines that are out there for you to look at and consider when you are trying to determine which will provide you with the most benefit in order to be the most productive. Each of these companies has its own pros and cons, however here is a […]

Picking A Good Domain Name

Tweet There are many good domain names that are out there for you to use and apply to your site. The thing is you need to make sure that it is a domain name that will fit and work with the product you are offering. Here are some hints to help you have a good […]

Dot Com

Tweet If it is at all possible, you should try to select a domain name that is able to have a dot com ending as opposed to the other variations. While this may not be the easiest thing to be able to do it makes the most sense and allows for users to be able […]

Why Not Click To Call

Tweet One of the great things about Google is the fact that they are in constant searches for ways to improve and get better in what they offer to you as a consumer. This is why it is so great that they are adding a click to call feature that is able to be used […]

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