Google Introduces Sharing from the +1 Button

Tweet Last week Google enabling two new features that will make the +1 button even more useful: sharing and +Snippets These features will enable the +1 button to let visitors share pages with individual circles on Google+. By letting visitors choose the Circles they share with, Google has figured out a way to make it easy to start conversations […]

Capitalizing on Google+ with +1 Button Code and Resources

Tweet With the recent release of Google+ it appears the +1 button will quickly begin to offer increased value to webmasters if consumers begin flocking to Google’s new social network. With that in mind, I wanted to share a handful of resources for getting the +1 button implemented on your website. Below is the implementation […]

Get The Google +1 Buttons For Your Website

Tweet Here is some more information about the next phase of the Google +1 button that we have received from our Google rep. For now, Google +1 is still in a Google Lab Experiment. (You can opt in here).That said, we’ve come across some additional facts of interest. Common Google +1 FAQs: When can I […]

Outstanding Questions from Google’s +1 Button

Tweet I’ll make this post short and sweet – a lot of hoopla has been generated out the launch of Google’s +1 button. Internally at PPC for Hire we still have some unanswered questions related to the launch – most of which will simply take time to answer: Will advertisers be able to track or […]

Google +1 Button’s Impact on Paid Search and Organic Results

Tweet Google has officially released a “+1 Button” for their search results, which looks to be an interesting prelude to what may be an eventual foray into the social realm. We’re still assessing the full implications on SEO best practices and how it will affect organic rankings vs paid searches, but I thought the below […]

Breaking News: Google Launches +1 Button Social Search

Tweet Today Google released the +1 button for organic search listings and AdWords which allows people signed into Google to recommend websites to friends and contacts within their Google social network. This is done by  clicking a +1 button to the right of the search results in the organic listings and paid ads . When […]