How To Make Your PPC Ad Convincing?

Tweet If you can’t convince them, confuse them- this is a phrase marketers should definitely NEVER follow. If they can’t convince their potential customers, then sorry to say, they aren’t made for the job and should try something else! The underlying phenomenon of marketing is to create a need for a product which the consumers […]

Tip: Google Adwords Headline Display URL Capitlization

Tweet As most of you know, back in January, Google updated their display URL policy to display all URLs in lower case – and it was assumed they would display in lower-case regardless of whether the URLs were entered with capitalization or not. Then, starting in May, Google began pulling the display URL into the […]

FAQ: Google Tests Showing Click Annotations On AdWords Ads

Tweet Yesterday, we first noticed Google Adwords ads displaying click annotations below each ad. After an initial canned response from our Adwords rep, we’ve received a number of FAQs to pass along: What will ads look like after the change? Top placement ads will have an annotation on the existing line after the display URL, […]

Breaking: Google Adwords Showing Click Counts on Ads

Tweet It looks like Google is running a test where they are displaying the amount of clicks an ad gets directly below the paid ad. As of the writing of this post, Google hasn’t revealed how they are calculating the clicks or if the clicks are only showing the current day’s total but we were […]

Google Adwords Announces Embedded Sitelinks Launch

Tweet Embedded Sitelinks Launch In the next two weeks, Google will be launching a new display format of Adwords Sitelinks, called Embedded Sitelinks. To show with embedded sitelinks, your campaign must be enabled for Ad Sitelinks. Additionally, your ad must appear above the organic search results, and (this is key) part of your ad text […]

Seller Ratings and Trumping Order for Adwords Ad Extensions

Tweet Did you know that there’s a trumping order for Google extensions? According to Google, most extensions trump Seller Ratings. Seller Ratings vs. Ad Sitelinks As you can see in the examples below, Bath & Body Works’ Seller Ratings disappear for Brand terms… but reappear for our Bath and Body Works’ coupon term. To show […]

Longer Google Adwords Ad Headline Official

Tweet I blogged the other day about Adwords ads extended to 70 characters and now its official – this update is not a beta rather a permanent change to the placement of the description in the first line for certain top ads.  Below is a comprehensive FAQ and screenshots of example ads. What is changing? Google […]

Google Changing Display URL Policy Again – All Lower-Case

Tweet A heads up to all paid search folks; Google is changing their display URL policy. No definitive date that I can see yet, but in the coming weeks, all paid search display URLs will be lower case. No exceptions. Note* This does not affect text ads on the Google display network. here’s the low-down […]

Google Adwords Ad Extensions – Now Save Time with Shared Extensions

Tweet Love ad extensions like Sitelinks and location extensions but not so crazy about editing them one by one for search enabled campaign? Well, now you can edit multiple extension listings with Google’s rollout of shared extensions. Shared extensions allow you to set up any type of extension just once and then “share” it across […]

Google Testing New Drop Down Adwords Ads?

Tweet As I was searching via Google the other day, I stumbled up on a new Adwords ad display I’ve never seen before (see screenshot below).  Essentially, this format only displays one sponsored ad until the user clicks on the drop down arrow. This could have HUGE impacts on ad positioning and performance as the […]

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