2009 Microsoft adCenter Upgrade – Spring Update

Tweet I recieved an e-mail from Microsoft Advertising earlier this afternoon regarding their last ‘Spring Upgrade’. I must say having jumped into the UI as well as the adCenter Desktop tool to see what’s new, I think the improvements are worth noting. Here is the e-mail below: We’ve just released the  Microsoft adCenter Spring 2009 […]

Importing Google & Yahoo Campaigns Into Adcenter

Tweet Far too often I hear the statement: “I don’t use Microsoft adCenter because the setup is too time consuming!” While in the past I would agree, I would also argue that Microsoft didn’t do enough to promote the capabilities that existed for importing 3rd party campaigns into the adCenter UI. Now with the release […]

How Many Keywords Should Be In An AdGroup?

Tweet There has been and probably will continue to be an ongoing debate surrounding  this question: How many keywords should be included in a single ad group?  I’ve heard some folks say 5-10 keywords per ad group. I’ve heard others claim that you should include only one keyword per ad group Microsoft just recently stated that there should only […]

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