Google Adwords Announces Embedded Sitelinks Launch

Tweet Embedded Sitelinks Launch In the next two weeks, Google will be launching a new display format of Adwords Sitelinks, called Embedded Sitelinks. To show with embedded sitelinks, your campaign must be enabled for Ad Sitelinks. Additionally, your ad must appear above the organic search results, and (this is key) part of your ad text […]

Google Showing Display URL Domain in Headline for Select Adwords Ads

Tweet Google has done a great job in recent months in pushing the limits and possibilities of the ‘traditional’ paid search ad that consisted of a blue 25 character headline, two descriptions lines of 35 characters each and a display URL offering an additional 35 characters. The current options include extended ad headlines, sitelinks, location […]

Did Google Confirm 3% of All Adwords Clicks Lead to a Conversion?

Tweet Google recently wrote a blog post on remarketing. While that in itself is not so interesting, a sentence at the bottom of the post certainly sparked my interest: 97% of new visitors do not convert the first time they arrive at your site. Is Google saying that if 97% of new visitors do not […]

Google Adwords Updates Billing Tab with More Options

Tweet I was recently walking a client through the billing setup process and quickly realized Adwords had made some changes to the Billing options tab. You will now  have more control over when and how much you are being charged. Although the billing method and forms of payment haven’t changed, some of the  billing methods […]

Seller Ratings and Trumping Order for Adwords Ad Extensions

Tweet Did you know that there’s a trumping order for Google extensions? According to Google, most extensions trump Seller Ratings. Seller Ratings vs. Ad Sitelinks As you can see in the examples below, Bath & Body Works’ Seller Ratings disappear for Brand terms… but reappear for our Bath and Body Works’ coupon term. To show […]

Google Instant Preview for Adwords Ads

Tweet So, I’m a bit late on ‘breaking’ this news, however, Google recently began rolling out a new search ads enhancement. Google is extending Instant Previews to our search ad results. Instant Previews have already been available for organic Google search results, and now will allow you to also preview search ad results in a […]

Google Adwords- Call Metrics Updates

Tweet I just received the latest information on some changes to call metrics in Google. For those advertisers with call metrics enabled in their campaigns, I wanted to notify you about important changes related to pricing and reporting that Google has planned either on or after May 16th. New pricing for phone calls to Google […]

How to Effectively Track Google Adwords Sitelinks In Marin

Tweet Google Sitelinks Overview: Google Sitelinks offer search marketers the unique opportunity to drive users deep into a website by leveraging other relevant click streams. One of the issues with sitelinks, however, is discovering whether the ad itself or a sitelink is responsible for a conversion. Marin users can now make that distinction. While not […]

Google +1 Button’s Impact on Paid Search and Organic Results

Tweet Google has officially released a “+1 Button” for their search results, which looks to be an interesting prelude to what may be an eventual foray into the social realm. We’re still assessing the full implications on SEO best practices and how it will affect organic rankings vs paid searches, but I thought the below […]

Breaking News: Google Launches +1 Button Social Search

Tweet Today Google released the +1 button for organic search listings and AdWords which allows people signed into Google to recommend websites to friends and contacts within their Google social network. This is done by  clicking a +1 button to the right of the search results in the organic listings and paid ads . When […]

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