The Masculine Line in Google Algorithm Update Names [Infographic]

Tweet Dominic, Austin, Fritz, Gilligan, Jagger, Vince – those guys changed everything. The naughtiest one is Dominic, who comes in between two chicks – Cassandra (April 2003) and Esmeralda (June 2003). No, I’m not talking about my buddies who have beer with me every day those are the names of some of the most significant […]

Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Methods For Google Panda

Tweet The Basics of Google Panda Search Engine Optimization is made significantly more difficult with newly implemented changes in the operational algorithm of the search engine results. Google recently did exactly this in the form of a new algorithm change, code named Google Panda. Previously, they also implemented Google Caffeine in 2010. To understand how […]