6 Tips to Lower Your PPC Costs

Tweet PPC Adwords costs can soar to high levels quickly if precautions are not taken. Since every company needs exposure through marketing campaigns, the best strategy is to find ways to lower PPC Adwords cost. Lowering costs provides the necessary exposure but at a fraction of the cost. Here are a few tips to lower […]

Why Aren’t My Google Adwords Ads Showing?

Tweet Have you ever uploaded an account – campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads – added billing info and then activated your Adwords campaign and then… nothing. Zero dollars spent. No impressions. No clicks. Chances are there is one simple issue within the account that is preventing your ads from showing in the search results. Here […]

Google Adwords Bid Simulator

Tweet Google AdWords has been testing a beta feature since late May known as “bid simulator.” The feature basically shows you how many impressions and how your ad position would look, if you increased or decreased your bid price. There is a pretty cool reference guide which you can download from Scribd here. The feature […]