Bing Maps and Get an Upgrade

Tweet So I blogged yesterday about all of the new Bing mobile releases for iPhone and Android and wanted to make sure I covered off on the updates to Bing Maps and – which has perhaps the most interesting update around Bing + Facebook integration. I think 2011 will bring lots of conversation and […]

Bing Mobile Gets an Upgrade – iPhone and Android

Tweet So, I’m very clearly get caught up on my blogging as we inch ever closer to the New Year. With that in mind, I wanted to pass along some pretty cool iPhone and Android mobile updates that were sent over by our Bing rep. With mobile exploding and likely to grow even more in […]

Bing Maps Goes Shopping in Time for Christmas

Tweet Just in time for the holidays, and tracking down that perfect gift, Bing Maps is giving you a peek inside the mall.  That’s right, Bing now shows you the store directory for malls when you zoom in close enough and click a “mall maps” link. The idea behind this is to help plan your […]