Bing Mobile Gets an Upgrade – iPhone and Android

Tweet So, I’m very clearly get caught up on my blogging as we inch ever closer to the New Year. With that in mind, I wanted to pass along some pretty cool iPhone and Android mobile updates that were sent over by our Bing rep. With mobile exploding and likely to grow even more in […]

Bing Maps Goes Shopping in Time for Christmas

Tweet Just in time for the holidays, and tracking down that perfect gift, Bing Maps is giving you a peek inside the mall.  That’s right, Bing now shows you the store directory for malls when you zoom in close enough and click a “mall maps” link. The idea behind this is to help plan your […]

Your Paid Search Ads are no Longer Serving on Yahoo!

Tweet I updated the blog with some information from our Yahoo! rep regarding Yahoo!’s ad serving shift to adCenter yesterday and have just received the more ‘official’ notice via e-mail. If you’re worried about missing out on what MicroHoo is touting as “access to 163 million unique searchers and 33.8% of U.S. search queries* on […]

Yahoo Shifting Ad Serving 100% to adCenter Today

Tweet Just a quick update on the MicroHoo partnership. Back in August, we announced the organic switch from Yahoo to Bing and now it appears the two partners have a go-ahead to transfer ad serving 100% over to Bing today. Per our Yahoo rep: We are on track to complete the transition of ad serving […]

Yahoo Search Down – 999 Error

Tweet Well, I just blogged this morning about Yahoo’s new search features and it already appears something is amiss. Try a search on Yahoo and you’ll get this. The question begs .. is this an integration issue with Bing or simply a result of launching a new ‘search experience’?

Yahoo Rolls Out New Search Experience

Tweet Although Yahoo is still powered using Bing technology, they are rolling out a new “search experience” today. This “experience” includes a box of vertical tabs at the top of certain search results.  This “slide deck” seems to appear for the majority of entertainment related queries. (Read more here: I like that we are […]

Official: Bing Now Powering Yahoo Search Results

Tweet Way back in February I first mentioned the Search Alliance between Yahoo and Bing. According to Yahoo’s latest blog post, the transition of organic search between Yahoo! and Microsoft is now officially complete. You can also read details related to the transition on Microsoft’s blog. So what’s included in the transition? Yahoo! Web, Image, […]

Report: Google Gets 75% Of Paid Search Clicks & Dollars

Tweet The latest quarterly report from Effecient Frontier (a search agency that manages more than $750 million in annual digital spending annually) recently confirmed but many of us had already assumed. Three out of every four paid search clicks are captured by Google, and 75 cents of every paid search dollar is also consumed by […]

Bing Search Engine Indexing the Hash Tag?

Tweet Rand Fishkin recently wrote a post on the SEOMoz blog (if you don’t already read this blog it is a must!!) regarding some interesting indexing coming from Microsoft’s new Bing search engine. In the past, Google, Yahoo and MSN Live typically ignored the hash tag in URLs. Because of this, internal anchors were invisible […]

Microsoft Releases Bing Search Engine

Tweet Bing is here! Microsoft’s new foray into the search space promises to be a ‘decision engine’ giving those looking for answers immediately, well, an answer immediately! I liken it slightly to Twitter where answers to questions can be found immediately. I have used Bing quite a bit now and I must say I am […]

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