Google Adwords- Call Metrics Updates

Tweet I just received the latest information on some changes to call metrics in Google. For those advertisers with call metrics enabled in their campaigns, I wanted to notify you about important changes related to pricing and reporting that Google has planned either on or after May 16th. New pricing for phone calls to Google […]

Google Adwords Related Search Ad Refinements

Tweet Looks like Google is testing out some additional new features and I’m not sure if everyone has seen these yet so I thought I’d share. Someone on our team today noticed that for the search “tired eyes” Google was displaying related ads and specifically calling out the related keywords. Below is Google’s response when […]

Google Banning Google Adwords Advertisers

Tweet You may remember Google promised to start banning AdWords advertisers at a much higher rate beginning in September. Google later promised to really step it up during the month of December. There is a new thread at Google Adwords help where it appears dozens of advertisers have been banned.  It appears on December 3rd, […]

How To Get Adwords Ads Sitelinks

Tweet Google Adwords has been busy as of late implementing new feature after new feature. One of their latest is a pretty cool feature called ‘ad sitelinks’. This feature allows PPC advertisers with high quality ads to add four additional links under the main PPC ad. This allows searchers more options to reach the destination they desire […]

Preview – Google Adwords Tests New MCC Dashboard

Tweet As of last week, Google MCC account managers will start seeing a link in their My Client Center Dashboard that will take them to a new interface that Google’s testing. The new interface features an updated look and feel, as well as some account management enhancements that include: When making changes to your account […]

Google Adwords Bid Simulator

Tweet Google AdWords has been testing a beta feature since late May known as “bid simulator.” The feature basically shows you how many impressions and how your ad position would look, if you increased or decreased your bid price. There is a pretty cool reference guide which you can download from Scribd here. The feature […]

Google To Allow Trademark Use in AdWords Copy in US

Tweet Google has again opened up its ad policies to allow trademark terms to be used within ad copy, in certain circumstances, within the United States. Currently,those advertisers who have a registered trademark, can request Google prevent their trademarks from being used in ad copy. Trademarks can still be used by anyone to trigger ads, […]

Integrate Google Analytics Goals with AdWords Conversion Tracking

Tweet Google quietly rolled out a new feature last week enabling the integration of Google analytics goals as conversions in your AdWords accounts. Simply navigate to the conversion tracking screen and click on the link for ‘Link your Analytics goals and transaction’. There is one drawback – when you link your AdWords and Analytics goals […]

Google Adwords Web Interface Beta

Tweet Back in November, Google asked a small group of U.S. advertisers to start testing a new web interface for AdWords. According to Google, the new interface makes AdWords campaign management faster, clearer, and more intuitive which leads to improved tracking, reporting and optimizations.    After initial user feedback, Google has decided to expand the […]