Google Instant Preview for Adwords Ads

Tweet So, I’m a bit late on ‘breaking’ this news, however, Google recently began rolling out a new search ads enhancement. Google is extending Instant Previews to our search ad results. Instant Previews have already been available for organic Google search results, and now will allow you to also preview search ad results in a […]

Top 6 Best Practices for Google Instant Previews

Tweet As you have probably already noticed, Google Instant Preview was recently launched and is currently showing visual previews to the right of search results listings. This appears as a magnifying glass icon that, when clicked, enables a popover with a thumbnail of what the linked site looks like. In addition to the thumbnail, in […]

Google Analytics Data Skewed Because Of Instant Previews

Tweet I personally haven’t noticed this yet, but apparently there are some reports out there that say Google Instant Previews are skewing analytics data. In some cases Google Instant does a real-time fetch of the page to generate an instant preview, and this can be inadvertently counted as a visit by some analytics tools, including […]

Google Instant Search – What is the Paid Search & Quality Score Impact?

Tweet Google Instant Search is here! What is it you ask? I’ll  let Google explain in three simple features: Instant Results: relevant results are generated dynamically and display as you type Predictive Text: algorithmically predicts the rest of your query as you type Scroll to Search: Arrow keywords scroll through predictions and results update instantly […]