Life of an SEO: Before, After and Beyond Penguin [Infographic]

Tweet The infographic Life on an SEO: Before, After & Beyond tells how SEO professionals can keep up with current Google update in a simple, yet effective way. The educational and engaging infographic does not offer deep analysis of possible issues in the big world of SEO. This gives education on how SEO people can […]

New Enhanced Campaigns Bring Changes to Sitelinks

Tweet The latest Adwords update, known as Enhanced campaigns, will become mandatory sometime in mid-2013. With the migration, there will be some key impacts to the legacy sitelink ad units – specifically around character limits. According to our Google reps: At the moment, the new character limit for sitelinks only affects sitelinks created/edited in the […]

How To Make Your PPC Ad Convincing?

Tweet If you can’t convince them, confuse them- this is a phrase marketers should definitely NEVER follow. If they can’t convince their potential customers, then sorry to say, they aren’t made for the job and should try something else! The underlying phenomenon of marketing is to create a need for a product which the consumers […]

20 Reasons to Switch to Google+

Tweet They say Google+ is a ghost town. Do you believe it yourself? When Google’s “new” social platform was announced, it seemed that people couldn’t wait to try it out. At the forefront were those who were sick and tired of Facebook. Privacy settings, circles, insightful exchanges – these were only some of the points […]

Google Product Search Becomes Google Shopping – A Paid Service

Tweet Google Product Search Becomes Google Shopping Google product search has been a stalwart of online shopping for some years now, since 2002 when it was called Froogle in fact, but the process behind it is changing. It’s a big change that will have a substantial impact on merchants and shoppers alike. Google Shopping Google […]

How Google Ranks Ads: a Look at Ad Rank and Quality Score in Google AdWords

Tweet Defining Google Adwords Ad Rank and Quality Score Each time a search is conducted on Google or a Google Search Partner an auction is performed. The result of this auction determines where each AdWords advertiser’s PPC text ad will be placed on the search results page. Typically a high ad rank is desired by […]

6 Ideas For Link Building on a Budget

Tweet Having less money for your link building campaign shouldn’t discourage you: in fact, a $100 budget just means you need to get more creative, and the quality of the links you build doesn’t have to suffer because of lack of funds. In this article you can find 6 awesome ideas that are relatively easy […]

Google+ vs Facebook vs Twitter – What’s Best for SEO? [Infographic]

Tweet Much ado has been made about promoting small business websites with social networks. But how effective are these activities and which social networks are the most potent? That’s what we set out to understand with this test. We built 6 websites from scratch, each based in a US city and all within the home […]

A Guide to Using Google Places for Your Business

Tweet As the owner of a small business, you have to promote both your name and products in order to survive. But with all the tools and methods available these days, how do you know which ones allow you to increase wider exposure? Now, you have to know that while traditional advertising means (e.g. putting […]

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