Bing Redesign Provides “De-Cluttered” Search Results

Tweet Bing is rolling out a new look (which went live for most people on May 2nd). The change to the SERP is based on experimentation results from internal flights over the past few months. According to Bing, the experiments proved unnecessary distractions should be removed in order to make the page easier to scan […]

The Masculine Line in Google Algorithm Update Names [Infographic]

Tweet Dominic, Austin, Fritz, Gilligan, Jagger, Vince – those guys changed everything. The naughtiest one is Dominic, who comes in between two chicks – Cassandra (April 2003) and Esmeralda (June 2003). No, I’m not talking about my buddies who have beer with me every day those are the names of some of the most significant […]

The Importance of Having a Website and Using SEO to Market It

Tweet Some businesses in San Diego don’t need to market on a national or global level simply because they only do business locally. However, there is a misconception that a local business doesn’t need an online presence to be successful. This misconception has led to many local businesses not taking advantage of what the Internet […]

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

Tweet Okay, so landing pages are the new wonder tactic for those running pay per click campaigns (Adwords in other words) via Google. The weighting of the landing page has now a little more importance and shaves a tad off the influence scored by the click through rate (CTR). What Makes a Good Landing Page? […]

SEO Keyword Research: 5 Ways To Mine Google Analytics For SEO Opportunities

Tweet Better than Google Adwords. Better than SEOmoz. Better than SEObook. The best keyword tool isn’t actually a keyword research tool at all. Keyword research tools like the Google Adwords keyword tool can provide excellent data on keyword volumes and competition levels, but the most valuable data you can get is lurking in your Google […]

Tip: Google Adwords Headline Display URL Capitlization

Tweet As most of you know, back in January, Google updated their display URL policy to display all URLs in lower case – and it was assumed they would display in lower-case regardless of whether the URLs were entered with capitalization or not. Then, starting in May, Google began pulling the display URL into the […]

Google+ Now Open for Businesses – Verification and Vanity URLs

Tweet So, Google launched business profiles for their Google+ social network last Monday and the mad dash to claim one’s business is on! While the limitations of these profiles is pretty extensive (no contests or promotions) here are a few tips that will help you get started: First, join Google+ as a user if you […]

Google Introduces Sharing from the +1 Button

Tweet Last week Google enabling two new features that will make the +1 button even more useful: sharing and +Snippets These features will enable the +1 button to let visitors share pages with individual circles on Google+. By letting visitors choose the Circles they share with, Google has figured out a way to make it easy to start conversations […]

Adwords Editor Version 9.5 Update for Windows and Mac

Tweet If you run an Adwords campaign, hopefully you are already using Google Adwords Editor. Plain and simple it is a massive time saver and allows for large updates such as keyword expansions to be completed much easier with a simple import and upload. For those without Adwords Editor, you can easily download it here: […]

Google Redesigns Google Search on Tablets

Tweet Google has changed the way shows on tablets. The new interface focuses on making content more visible and accessible for tablet users by increasing the size of the search button, adding more white space, and making the search results bigger. Old Tablet Google Search Experience: New Tablet Google Search Experience: The new redesign […]

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