Life of an SEO: Before, After and Beyond Penguin [Infographic]

Tweet The infographic Life on an SEO: Before, After & Beyond tells how SEO professionals can keep up with current Google update in a simple, yet effective way. The educational and engaging infographic does not offer deep analysis of possible issues in the big world of SEO. This gives education on how SEO people can […]

The Similarities Between Lance Armstrong and SEOs

Tweet Since his name is mud right now, you probably aren’t too fond of the idea of being linked with Lance Armstrong.  However, the prospect of poking fun of him has enticed you to see what we have to say. There are some very obvious similarities between Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace and the daily […]

20 Reasons to Switch to Google+

Tweet They say Google+ is a ghost town. Do you believe it yourself? When Google’s “new” social platform was announced, it seemed that people couldn’t wait to try it out. At the forefront were those who were sick and tired of Facebook. Privacy settings, circles, insightful exchanges – these were only some of the points […]

The Masculine Line in Google Algorithm Update Names [Infographic]

Tweet Dominic, Austin, Fritz, Gilligan, Jagger, Vince – those guys changed everything. The naughtiest one is Dominic, who comes in between two chicks – Cassandra (April 2003) and Esmeralda (June 2003). No, I’m not talking about my buddies who have beer with me every day those are the names of some of the most significant […]

Do You Really Need Your Website These Days?

Tweet If Web 2.0 saw a rush to set up Websites, Web 3.0 may see a similar rush to get rid of the same! Social network media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and others are here to stay and gain strength day by day. With more and more online users hooked up to […]

Social Media Marketing Sites – Best Results Infographic

Tweet A recent Mashable article features a very useful and easy-to-read chart detailing which Social Media sites are best for various results. It rates several prominent sites on four criteria: Customer Communication, Brand exposure, Site Traffic and SEO Value. I know the folks at PPC For Hire have engaged in this type of analysis before […]