SEO Keyword Research: 5 Ways To Mine Google Analytics For SEO Opportunities

Tweet Better than Google Adwords. Better than SEOmoz. Better than SEObook. The best keyword tool isn’t actually a keyword research tool at all. Keyword research tools like the Google Adwords keyword tool can provide excellent data on keyword volumes and competition levels, but the most valuable data you can get is lurking in your Google […]

Yahoo Releases “Clues” Keyword Research Tool – Beta

Tweet Yahoo just released Yahoo Clues a keyword research tool similar to Google insights/trends, but goes one step further. In short, this is a keyword research tool that shows you data for only the most popular queries. Yahoo said the tool is also updated about every hour. The tool shows you demographic data, such as […]

Google To Drop Old Keyword Research Tool By End Of August

Tweet The Google AdWords Blog announced they are taking the new keyword tool out of beta. It was only a matter of time until Google phased out the old keyword tool in favor of the “new” keyword tool – in beta since September of 2009. The end of August now appears to be that time. Google said […]

Six Steps to SEO Keyword Research

Tweet If you are looking for a simple and to the point method of getting SEO keyword research done, consider the following six simple steps. Brainstorm through your website, finding words that are important to your site. Look at the terms people might be putting into search engines to find you. Spend some time finding […]

Yahoo Search Marketing Vertical Keyword Lists

Tweet Yahoo! has recently released some awesome vertical research and even more importantly vertical keyword research/suggestions. If you advertise in any of the following verticals: Apparel Automotive Education Finance Health Care Home Improvement Legal Services Travel Wireless Be sure to check out the 3rd party research data as well as the excel/PDF keyword suggestion downloads. […]

Hitwise: Long Tail of Search Growing Longer

Tweet We’ve all heard the term ‘long tail’. When we talk about pay per click marketing, long tailed keywords are typically the holy grail – lower CPC costs, capturing traffic further down the conversion funnel, etc. Hitwise recently released a report highlighting how 1 and 2 word queries are becoming less common, while 4, 5, […]