adCenter Broad Match Enhancement Released – What You Should Know!

Tweet adCenter has rolled out some enhancements to the Broad/Phrase Match algorithm as of early August. These enhancements are expected to drive increased click volume for all advertisers currently using Broad Match. We have received some specific information on expectations of the change from our Yahoo reps: Broad Enhancement Launch Date Enhanced Broad Match was […]

Why Aren’t My Google Adwords Ads Showing?

Tweet Have you ever uploaded an account – campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads – added billing info and then activated your Adwords campaign and then… nothing. Zero dollars spent. No impressions. No clicks. Chances are there is one simple issue within the account that is preventing your ads from showing in the search results. Here […]

How Does Adwords Treat Keywords with Capitalization, Underscores or Apostrophes?

Tweet In a recent Adwords webinar, Google answered a long standing question I have had – what do they consider the same or different keywords? Upper case vs. lower case has never been used to differentiate keywords, however, diacritics apparently are different keywords. Even more importantly, if you are using exact or phrase match, you […]