Handling Bad Reviews Online – A Guide for Hotel Managers

Tweet Up to 80 percent of people consult online reviews before booking a room. What are they going to think when they look up your hotel? You want more reservations, not less, and even just one bad review can be very bad for business. As a hotel manager, here are some things you can do […]

The Importance of Having a Website and Using SEO to Market It

Tweet Some businesses in San Diego don’t need to market on a national or global level simply because they only do business locally. However, there is a misconception that a local business doesn’t need an online presence to be successful. This misconception has led to many local businesses not taking advantage of what the Internet […]

Google Updates Local Search Results

Tweet Google is releasing an updated look-and-feel for search results with a local component.  Previously, the local results were displayed in a very prominent map at the top of the search results.  This is an example of the “old” style local results: Google has since updated their local results to place more emphasis on their […]

43 Local Blog Directories – Get Your Blog Listed

Tweet With the recent influx of recent clients interested in local SEO, I’ve been writing a few posts on local search engine optimization. This one follows suit with a slight twist. This post focuses on link building opportunities for local blogs – after all blogs need local love too! Specific Regions Washington Post – DC-area […]

Do It Yourself (DIY) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Advice

Tweet Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have a “Do-It-Yourself’ mindset. After all it’s that same mindset that encouraged many owners to go into business for themselves in the first place, and there are plenty of examples of business owners who have success marketing themselves online. With that in mind, depending on the size of […]

Local PPC Techniques for Effective Pay Per Click Campaigns

Tweet All successful SEO or PPC marketing campaigns start with in-depth keyword research. This involved evaluating the competitiveness of the keyword, average traffic potential, competitive analysis, etc. But one thing often missed is evaluating the way your potential customer thinks. This insight can open new doors and opportunities for your account by building keyword lists […]

Local SEO Strategies & Optimization Tips

Tweet As more and more business come online many have a specific geographic radius in which they provide service. As a result one of the buzz-words floating around search engine optimization blogs, forums and conferences is ‘local seo’ and that buzz continues to grow louder .Here are a few tips for local businesses to focus […]