2011 Microsoft Advertising AdCenter Upgrade

Tweet New and Improved AdCenter Features With the adCenter May 2011 Upgrade, you’ll find new and improved features to help improve your ROI by making it easier to manage your search and content advertising strategies. The most exciting changes in adCenter include these campaign management improvements: Simpler Campaign Budget Options Budgeting in AdCenter has been […]

Microsoft Releases Bing Search Engine

Tweet Bing is here! Microsoft’s new foray into the search space promises to be a ‘decision engine’ giving those looking for answers immediately, well, an answer immediately! I liken it slightly to Twitter where answers to questions can be found immediately. I have used Bing quite a bit now and I must say I am […]

Importing Google & Yahoo Campaigns Into Adcenter

Tweet Far too often I hear the statement: “I don’t use Microsoft adCenter because the setup is too time consuming!” While in the past I would agree, I would also argue that Microsoft didn’t do enough to promote the capabilities that existed for importing 3rd party campaigns into the adCenter UI. Now with the release […]