Google Adwords, Yahoo & Microsoft adCenter Customer Service Numbers

Tweet Brad Geddes recently wrote about the benefits of having a search marketing rep. Here are a few of the top reasons in my opinion: Getting trademarked keywords approved Handle billing issues Receive invites to beta programs Expediting Ad approvals Help in uploading large accounts Ideas on improving quality score But the question I get […]

Microsoft & Yahoo Search Partnership – Back At the Bargaining Table

Tweet Search Engine Land reported late last night that there are several reports floating around that Yahoo and Microsoft are close to consummating a search and advertising deal. An investment banker from 24/7 Wall Street is cited as saying a deal is “imminent.” All Things Digital says an agreement is “down to the short strokes”. […]

Microsoft’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit

Tweet I’ve always been a big fan of free Internet marketing tools! Because of that, I wanted to be sure to pass this along for all of the SEO folks out there. The IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit helps Website developers, web hosting providers, and Web server administrators to improve their Web site’s relevance […]

Bing Search Engine Indexing the Hash Tag?

Tweet Rand Fishkin recently wrote a post on the SEOMoz blog (if you don’t already read this blog it is a must!!) regarding some interesting indexing coming from Microsoft’s new Bing search engine. In the past, Google, Yahoo and MSN Live typically ignored the hash tag in URLs. Because of this, internal anchors were invisible […]

Microsoft Releases Bing Search Engine

Tweet Bing is here! Microsoft’s new foray into the search space promises to be a ‘decision engine’ giving those looking for answers immediately, well, an answer immediately! I liken it slightly to Twitter where answers to questions can be found immediately. I have used Bing quite a bit now and I must say I am […]

2009 Microsoft adCenter Upgrade – Spring Update

Tweet I recieved an e-mail from Microsoft Advertising earlier this afternoon regarding their last ‘Spring Upgrade’. I must say having jumped into the UI as well as the adCenter Desktop tool to see what’s new, I think the improvements are worth noting. Here is the e-mail below: We’ve just released the  Microsoft adCenter Spring 2009 […]

Importing Google & Yahoo Campaigns Into Adcenter

Tweet Far too often I hear the statement: “I don’t use Microsoft adCenter because the setup is too time consuming!” While in the past I would agree, I would also argue that Microsoft didn’t do enough to promote the capabilities that existed for importing 3rd party campaigns into the adCenter UI. Now with the release […]

Live Search 411: Microsoft’s Voice Search Tool

Tweet I blogged a while back about Google 411, but how many people are familiar Live Search 411? It is Microsoft’s not well-known Voice Search tool. Simply dial 1-800-CALL-411 (or 1-800-225-5411) to perform a local search from any phone. I would encourage you to test it out. Live Search 411 has considerably more content and […]

Official View of New Microsoft Live Search

Tweet While rumors swirl around the potential re-branding of Microsoft’s Live Serach under the name ‘Kumo’, Microsoft has neither supported or denied the claim. They have, however, officially released a statement regarding the press coverage and have included a screen shot: The new search interface is being tested in a closed employee environmnet for now, but from what we […]

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