Page Speed Optimization For Enhancing Website Performance

Tweet It is usually possible to speed up the page at the time of its loading by just reducing the number of bytes with no change in function and appearance of a page. By just reducing the number of bytes a visitor is able to load a page in much faster speed.  In this article […]

Bing Mobile Gets an Upgrade – iPhone and Android

Tweet So, I’m very clearly get caught up on my blogging as we inch ever closer to the New Year. With that in mind, I wanted to pass along some pretty cool iPhone and Android mobile updates that were sent over by our Bing rep. With mobile exploding and likely to grow even more in […]

iPad Targeting in Google Adwords – Its Available!

Tweet Google continues to innovate their Adwords platform at alarming speed. Not too long ago Google announced new targeting options for mobile devices and it has now officially announced the ability to specifically target the iPad with your AdWords ad campaigns. The targeting process is pretty simple. Simply edit  the “Devices” section in your AdWord […]

Mobile Search Tracking in Google Analytics

Tweet Google has been hard at work releasing a number of great updates to their Google Analytics package over the past few weeks such as annotations and asynchronous tracking. I thought I’d bring you up to speed on yet another great addition – a super simple and easy way to accurately measure and track traffic […]

Google Adwords Offers New Targeting Options for Mobile Ads

Tweet Google AdWords has rolled out a new targeting option for mobile ads. For those of you who are publishing ads on iPhones and other full internet mobile browsers, this new targeting feature will allow you to target specific mobile devices or carriers rather than targeting all of them. This new feature will be most […]