Page Speed Optimization For Enhancing Website Performance

Tweet It is usually possible to speed up the page at the time of its loading by just reducing the number of bytes with no change in function and appearance of a page. By just reducing the number of bytes a visitor is able to load a page in much faster speed.  In this article […]

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

Tweet Okay, so landing pages are the new wonder tactic for those running pay per click campaigns (Adwords in other words) via Google. The weighting of the landing page has now a little more importance and shaves a tad off the influence scored by the click through rate (CTR). What Makes a Good Landing Page? […]

Image SEO: Optimizing Picture File Names

Tweet I have been generating a lot of recent traffic through google images, flickr, etc. I’ve always been a believer in the ability for image search to compliment organic traffic. Here are a few tips that will help you capture some additional traffic through image optimization as well: Basic SEO image techniques The absolute most […]

Do It Yourself (DIY) SEO Resources

Tweet No question. SEO is a confusing topic for most folks. This is especially true for small business owners who are looking for an edge online without the high price tags associated with an SEO specialist or SEO Company. Often times these folks resort to doing SEO themselves. One of the even bigger problems with […]

Top 10 SEO Copywriting & Search Engine Optimization Tips

Tweet Yesterday I wrote about the top 10 on-page specific SEO tips. Today, we’ll focus in on the top 10 content specific recommendations. Friendly Disclaimer** These tips are aimed at copywriters and beginners who are looking to get started  optimizing their website and should be taken as a guide only. You’ll quickly find in this […]

Why Aren’t My Google Adwords Ads Showing?

Tweet Have you ever uploaded an account – campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads – added billing info and then activated your Adwords campaign and then… nothing. Zero dollars spent. No impressions. No clicks. Chances are there is one simple issue within the account that is preventing your ads from showing in the search results. Here […]

How To: Youtube SEO & Video Optimization

Tweet SEO goes through ‘hot trends’ or I guess trends in general just the same as fashion, restaurants and everything else. Everything from no-follow, to local search, to the new keyword research tool and universal search. The difference between an SEO ‘hot topic’ and your traditional trend is the influence of Google. Until Google says […]