Job Search Advice: Pay-per-click Director Explains his Shift to the Virtual Job Market

Tweet This PPC (Pay-per-click) Director believes that in order to survive in the new American economy it is necessary to recognize that US has changed from a manufacturing to a virtual economy. My current title is PPC (pay per click) Director for My job is to organize and lead the paid marketing efforts online […]

FAQ: Google Tests Showing Click Annotations On AdWords Ads

Tweet Yesterday, we first noticed Google Adwords ads displaying click annotations below each ad. After an initial canned response from our Adwords rep, we’ve received a number of FAQs to pass along: What will ads look like after the change? Top placement ads will have an annotation on the existing line after the display URL, […]

Using Google Sitelinks to Drive Traffic to Facebook

Tweet I have a client interested in leveraged Google Sitelinks to drive traffic to Facebook. I only know of one particular instance of a client testing this opportunity in the past so I was concerned we would encounter rejection issues due to Google’s URL policy – is obviously not a direct portion of my […]

Major AdWords Quality Score Reporting Bug Confirmed by Google

Tweet I’ve been following recent threads and complaints popping up in forum threads and posts by Google advertisers claiming a major decrease in Quality Score for their top keywords. Because Adwords quality score is such an important metric in determining both CPC and ad positioning this is certainly an understandable concern. According to Google it […]

Your Paid Search Ads are no Longer Serving on Yahoo!

Tweet I updated the blog with some information from our Yahoo! rep regarding Yahoo!’s ad serving shift to adCenter yesterday and have just received the more ‘official’ notice via e-mail. If you’re worried about missing out on what MicroHoo is touting as “access to 163 million unique searchers and 33.8% of U.S. search queries* on […]

Google Updates Local Search Results

Tweet Google is releasing an updated look-and-feel for search results with a local component.  Previously, the local results were displayed in a very prominent map at the top of the search results.  This is an example of the “old” style local results: Google has since updated their local results to place more emphasis on their […]

Landing Page Best Practices & Optimizations

Tweet I recently provided some landing page consulting for a client and was re-reading over a few of the e-mails that we had exchanged back and forth. As I was reading through my recommendations it dawned on me that, combined together, these 9 landing page optimizations would make a great blog post. So, without further ado, the biggest […]

Alternative PPC Research Tools

Tweet This post will be short and sweet and focus on some free paid search tools that you might not have used before. 1. Google Sets – allows you to create lists of related keywords. Simply input one or more words and Google will suggest related keyword phrases. Tilde search operator – Using advanced search operators […]

Local PPC Techniques for Effective Pay Per Click Campaigns

Tweet All successful SEO or PPC marketing campaigns start with in-depth keyword research. This involved evaluating the competitiveness of the keyword, average traffic potential, competitive analysis, etc. But one thing often missed is evaluating the way your potential customer thinks. This insight can open new doors and opportunities for your account by building keyword lists […]

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