How Google Ranks Ads: a Look at Ad Rank and Quality Score in Google AdWords

Tweet Defining Google Adwords Ad Rank and Quality Score Each time a search is conducted on Google or a Google Search Partner an auction is performed. The result of this auction determines where each AdWords advertiser’s PPC text ad will be placed on the search results page. Typically a high ad rank is desired by […]

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

Tweet Okay, so landing pages are the new wonder tactic for those running pay per click campaigns (Adwords in other words) via Google. The weighting of the landing page has now a little more importance and shaves a tad off the influence scored by the click through rate (CTR). What Makes a Good Landing Page? […]

Info: Microsoft adCenter Quality Score Coming Soon

Tweet Straight from the MS Advertising blog, it looks like adCenter will soon have its own version of Quality Score in paid search for Bing/Yahoo. adCenter Quality Score Feature Highlights adCenter Quality Score will be on a 1-10 scale, and be calculated at the keyword level for each match-type being purchased Scores are designed to […]

Major AdWords Quality Score Reporting Bug Confirmed by Google

Tweet I’ve been following recent threads and complaints popping up in forum threads and posts by Google advertisers claiming a major decrease in Quality Score for their top keywords. Because Adwords quality score is such an important metric in determining both CPC and ad positioning this is certainly an understandable concern. According to Google it […]

Google Adwords Quality Score – Is 7/10 Good Enough?

Tweet As part of PPC For Hire‘s ongoing quality score myth busters, I wanted to touch on the ideal quality score number. This begs the question – is 7/10 good enough? First, lets go over a quick refresher of what quality score is: Quality score is kept at the keyword level, ad level, and account […]

Does Zero Impression Keywords Lower Quality Score?

Tweet Being an Internet marketing company with its primary focus in pay per click management, Quality Score is not only a major focus for us but also an area where we get the most client questions. We have definitely written about quality score in the past but I wanted to revisit a few quality score […]

Increasing Bids and Google Adwords Quality Score

Tweet A few months ago, we ran a series of posts on a hot topic among our  clients: Google Quality Score. Due to the popularity of these posts, PPC For Hire will be bringing you more facts about this important metric with more regularity. I was reading the Google Agency Blog and came across this […]