Google Redesigns Google Search on Tablets

Tweet Google has changed the way shows on tablets. The new interface focuses on making content more visible and accessible for tablet users by increasing the size of the search button, adding more white space, and making the search results bigger. Old Tablet Google Search Experience: New Tablet Google Search Experience: The new redesign […]

Yahoo Rolls Out New Search Experience

Tweet Although Yahoo is still powered using Bing technology, they are rolling out a new “search experience” today. This “experience” includes a box of vertical tabs at the top of certain search results.  This “slide deck” seems to appear for the majority of entertainment related queries. (Read more here: I like that we are […]

Microsoft Releases Bing Search Engine

Tweet Bing is here! Microsoft’s new foray into the search space promises to be a ‘decision engine’ giving those looking for answers immediately, well, an answer immediately! I liken it slightly to Twitter where answers to questions can be found immediately. I have used Bing quite a bit now and I must say I am […]