Must Know SEO Tips for Beginners

Tweet How will your website/business benefit from search engines? Every business should focus on search engine optimization in order to improve its visibility in the search engines. Once a business website sits at a healthy position in search results, there is every chance that more customers will follow. Search engines will send higher amount of […]

Simple SEO Tips for Freelancers

Tweet When you’re a freelancer, your website is your resume, and it’s viewed every day by potential employers. You can’t tailor your website to each would-be client, but you can use SEO strategies to make sure the site gets in front of as many potential employers as possible! If you’ve never done SEO before, it […]

SEO Basics – Internal & External Link Building

Tweet Today wraps up our 4 part series of SEO basics and we’ll be focusing on link building – both external and internal (view our Title Tag basics, Meta Description basics and Hx tag basics). Inbound linking to your page or website helps a lot in terms of SEO, firstly because every link is a […]

SEO Basics – H1 Tags

Tweet Today is part 3 of our SEO basics and we’ll be focusing on the Hx tags today (view our Title Tag basics and Meta Description basics). <H1> tag is the first and most important heading in the content of a page. It tells what the content is going to be about, so search engines […]

SEO Basics – Meta Description

Tweet So, continuing on with part 2 our SEO basics (view our Title Tag basics) we’ll be focusing on the Meta Description. The Meta description is very important as it describes what the page is about. It also gives you a chance to increase the CTR of searchers by  convincing searchers to come to your […]

SEO Basics – Title Tags

Tweet The next few posts are going to be short and sweet and focused on the basic elements of SEO – starting with the Title Tag. The title is the most important SEO element as it is the first and best clue about the page for search engine crawlers and also it is the first […]