Must Know SEO Tips for Beginners

Tweet How will your website/business benefit from search engines? Every business should focus on search engine optimization in order to improve its visibility in the search engines. Once a business website sits at a healthy position in search results, there is every chance that more customers will follow. Search engines will send higher amount of […]

Simple SEO Tips for Freelancers

Tweet When you’re a freelancer, your website is your resume, and it’s viewed every day by potential employers. You can’t tailor your website to each would-be client, but you can use SEO strategies to make sure the site gets in front of as many potential employers as possible! If you’ve never done SEO before, it […]

Effective Off-Page SEO Strategies that gets your Website’s Ranking On-Track

Tweet Off-page SEO refers to the optimization techniques done outside the blog or website that’s being optimized. Off-page SEO techniques are as important as on-page SEO. In fact, off-page SEO techniques can sometimes bring in more traffic compared to On-Page SEO techniques. For that reason, learning the top techniques employed in Off-Page SEO should be […]

Are HTML Sitemaps Important?

Tweet It is my personal belief that an HTML sitemap is one of the most important search engine optimization tactics a webmaster can use. It is arguably the most effective tool to distribute internal link juice efficiently within your website. So what is an HTML sitemap? It is an actual page of your website that […]

Top 10 SEO Tips For On-Site Optimization

Tweet One of the most common questions I get asked is around writing website copy. Many agencies and even companies have their own copywriters but there is a clear distinction between writing offline copy and writing online material. As a result, it’s always helpful if you can provide copywriters with a set list of guidelines […]

Search Engine Optimization and Facebook SEO Tips

Tweet Social Media is everywhere! We are under constant barrage with references of Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc. It would only make sense that businesses and brands alike are looking to leverage these networks for SEO benefit. The most recent push was to secure a Facebook custom domain (ex. So, what are some Facebook SEO […]