Using SEO In Your Web Design

Tweet Too often when designing or redesigning a website, SEO is an afterthought. To make SEO truly work for you an SEO strategy should be incorporated directly into the website design stategy. Here are some tips to help make your page more search engine friendly: Do not use flash player in your design. Not everyone […]

Common Mistakes The Big Boys Make In SEO

Tweet There are a number of ways that companies will try to cut corners in order to make an SEO budget. However, some of them are just not the best ideas ever and in some cases will end up costing more to fix all of the problems that the cuts ended up causing. Here are […]

Review of Caphyon Advanced Web Ranking & Advanced Link Manager Software

Tweet It is impossible for a website to succeed without a high level of visibility within search engines. For example, if you run an apartment leasing company or property management company you will want your site to be the first page to appear when a user types a query related to rental properties or apartments […]

Six Steps to SEO Keyword Research

Tweet If you are looking for a simple and to the point method of getting SEO keyword research done, consider the following six simple steps. Brainstorm through your website, finding words that are important to your site. Look at the terms people might be putting into search engines to find you. Spend some time finding […]

Image SEO: Optimizing Picture File Names

Tweet I have been generating a lot of recent traffic through google images, flickr, etc. I’ve always been a believer in the ability for image search to compliment organic traffic. Here are a few tips that will help you capture some additional traffic through image optimization as well: Basic SEO image techniques The absolute most […]

43 Local Blog Directories – Get Your Blog Listed

Tweet With the recent influx of recent clients interested in local SEO, I’ve been writing a few posts on local search engine optimization. This one follows suit with a slight twist. This post focuses on link building opportunities for local blogs – after all blogs need local love too! Specific Regions Washington Post – DC-area […]

Do It Yourself (DIY) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Advice

Tweet Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have a “Do-It-Yourself’ mindset. After all it’s that same mindset that encouraged many owners to go into business for themselves in the first place, and there are plenty of examples of business owners who have success marketing themselves online. With that in mind, depending on the size of […]

SEO Basics – Internal & External Link Building

Tweet Today wraps up our 4 part series of SEO basics and we’ll be focusing on link building – both external and internal (view our Title Tag basics, Meta Description basics and Hx tag basics). Inbound linking to your page or website helps a lot in terms of SEO, firstly because every link is a […]

SEO Basics – H1 Tags

Tweet Today is part 3 of our SEO basics and we’ll be focusing on the Hx tags today (view our Title Tag basics and Meta Description basics). <H1> tag is the first and most important heading in the content of a page. It tells what the content is going to be about, so search engines […]

SEO Basics – Meta Description

Tweet So, continuing on with part 2 our SEO basics (view our Title Tag basics) we’ll be focusing on the Meta Description. The Meta description is very important as it describes what the page is about. It also gives you a chance to increase the CTR of searchers by  convincing searchers to come to your […]

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