SEO Basics – Title Tags

Tweet The next few posts are going to be short and sweet and focused on the basic elements of SEO – starting with the Title Tag. The title is the most important SEO element as it is the first and best clue about the page for search engine crawlers and also it is the first […]

Local SEO – Choosing the Right Category in Google’s Local Listings

Tweet According to last year’s Local Search Ranking Factors survey, one of the most important things you can do with your Google local listing is choose the right category(ies). This also happens to be one of the more difficult things related to setting up your Google local listing. Luck for us, Mike Blumenthal, has just […]

How To Create a Natural Backlink Profile When Link Building

Tweet One of the most important things when building links is gaining them ‘naturally’. If you’re an SEO or site owner buying links or building them manually through directories, blog posting, etc. it is becoming more and more important to make it look like you’re gaining them naturally. Why? Google, Yahoo and Bing are all […]

Are HTML Sitemaps Important?

Tweet It is my personal belief that an HTML sitemap is one of the most important search engine optimization tactics a webmaster can use. It is arguably the most effective tool to distribute internal link juice efficiently within your website. So what is an HTML sitemap? It is an actual page of your website that […]

How to Fix Dynamic URL SEO Issues

Tweet We’ve all seen the hundreds of blog posts written that warn about dynamic URL issues that create duplicate content and at the same time dilute link value. That said, rarely is a fix or alternative offered to overcome these issues. Well, hopefully you’ll get at least two options out of this post. So why are […]

Do It Yourself (DIY) SEO Resources

Tweet No question. SEO is a confusing topic for most folks. This is especially true for small business owners who are looking for an edge online without the high price tags associated with an SEO specialist or SEO Company. Often times these folks resort to doing SEO themselves. One of the even bigger problems with […]

Local SEO Strategies & Optimization Tips

Tweet As more and more business come online many have a specific geographic radius in which they provide service. As a result one of the buzz-words floating around search engine optimization blogs, forums and conferences is ‘local seo’ and that buzz continues to grow louder .Here are a few tips for local businesses to focus […]

Top 10 SEO Copywriting & Search Engine Optimization Tips

Tweet Yesterday I wrote about the top 10 on-page specific SEO tips. Today, we’ll focus in on the top 10 content specific recommendations. Friendly Disclaimer** These tips are aimed at copywriters and beginners who are looking to get started  optimizing their website and should be taken as a guide only. You’ll quickly find in this […]

Top 10 SEO Tips For On-Site Optimization

Tweet One of the most common questions I get asked is around writing website copy. Many agencies and even companies have their own copywriters but there is a clear distinction between writing offline copy and writing online material. As a result, it’s always helpful if you can provide copywriters with a set list of guidelines […]

Google on Reputation Management – Stop Asking to Remove Content

Tweet Google already offers PPC advice and SEO advice. Now it appears Google is offering reputation managament advice – although it’s nothing earth shattering. The actual reputation management advice is very basic. Create a Google Profile – like this one.  Then ask your happy customers and consumers to review you or your business online and […]

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