Google Testing 6 Sitelinks in Adwords Ads?

Tweet While doing a Google search this afternoon I stumbled across an Adwords sitelink result I’ve never seen before. This is clearly something else Google is testing to a select few searchers. Per Google’s own admission here if an ad triggers sitelinks.. .. our system may include up to 4 of your additional links on […]

Google Adwords Announces Embedded Sitelinks Launch

Tweet Embedded Sitelinks Launch In the next two weeks, Google will be launching a new display format of Adwords Sitelinks, called Embedded Sitelinks. To show with embedded sitelinks, your campaign must be enabled for Ad Sitelinks. Additionally, your ad must appear above the organic search results, and (this is key) part of your ad text […]

How to Effectively Track Google Adwords Sitelinks In Marin

Tweet Google Sitelinks Overview: Google Sitelinks offer search marketers the unique opportunity to drive users deep into a website by leveraging other relevant click streams. One of the issues with sitelinks, however, is discovering whether the ad itself or a sitelink is responsible for a conversion. Marin users can now make that distinction. While not […]

Google Now Displaying Facebook & Twitter Sitelinks?

Tweet I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw sitelinks displayed on for a branded Twitter search! I haven’t heard a lot of buzz about this but apparently sitelinks are being displayed for Facebook as well. Aside from the screenshot below, I am also seeing sitelinks displayed for brands like Coca Cola, HP […]

Using Google Sitelinks to Drive Traffic to Facebook

Tweet I have a client interested in leveraged Google Sitelinks to drive traffic to Facebook. I only know of one particular instance of a client testing this opportunity in the past so I was concerned we would encounter rejection issues due to Google’s URL policy – is obviously not a direct portion of my […]