5 Tips to Engage Customers on Your Facebook Page

Tweet Over the last few years Facebook has become one of the most effective marketing tools making it almost compulsory for any company to establish a well-designed and engaging Facebook page. Despite their recent “damp squib” stock market flotation most marketing managers remain convinced that after some minor tweaking Facebook will take up its natural […]

What You Can Learn From the Downfall of Digg’s Social Network

Tweet The downfall of Digg’s social network First launched back in 2004, Digg was the very first social news site and also the true pioneer of the social bookmarking phenomenon. The site was extremely popular, but as they say, nothing lasts forever. In early July, the once prominent service was sold and divvied up in […]

3 SEO Tips for Beginners

Tweet In order for an online merchant to make sales, it must first get customers. On the Internet, a customer reaches your website in several different ways. For popular merchants, the customers often just connect directly using the merchant’s URL. Another common method is for the customer to enter search terms into search engines like […]

Top Google+ Advanced Tips and Tricks for Google Plus

Tweet With the overwhelming news, blog posts and industry talk of Google+, I thought it might be helpful to combine some of the best ‘advanced’ tips in one place. To be clear, this if far from exhaustive as Google continues to launch updates at a blistering pace and some of the power-users are finding awesome […]

Capitalizing on Google+ with +1 Button Code and Resources

Tweet With the recent release of Google+ it appears the +1 button will quickly begin to offer increased value to webmasters if consumers begin flocking to Google’s new social network. With that in mind, I wanted to share a handful of resources for getting the +1 button implemented on your website. Below is the implementation […]

Details & Resources Around the Google+ Launch

Tweet Last night, you may have heard talk of a mysterious black bar appearing on the top of Google.com. Or you may have even seen it yourself. No, you weren’t hallucinating. It was a sign of something about to show itself. Something big. As I am sure you all heard, Google is prepping to launch […]

YouTube Sends Copyright Violators to Copyright School

Tweet Well just when you thought it was safe to post that heart-palpitating rendition of “Like a Virgin” by members of Glee, Google (YouTube) says “Not So Fast”. But now, if you’re minding your P’s and Q’s you can get a “Get Out of Jail Free” card with nothing more than a video and a […]

Social Media Marketing Sites – Best Results Infographic

Tweet A recent Mashable article features a very useful and easy-to-read chart detailing which Social Media sites are best for various results. It rates several prominent sites on four criteria: Customer Communication, Brand exposure, Site Traffic and SEO Value. I know the folks at PPC For Hire have engaged in this type of analysis before […]

Social Networking Username Availability

Tweet Social networking has become an extremely popular resource for everything from reputation management and search engine optimization to something as simple as connecting with old and current friends. With that in mind, choosing a username for personal branding or reputation management can be difficult. That’s where CheckUserNames.com comes into play. Simply enter a user […]