Running A/B testing for Online Business Solutions

Tweet Today, business administrators are keener on improving business solutions to make their products more marketable. To be able to do this, there is more to just creating solutions and that’s finding the cause before creating solutions. A/B testing can definitely help you find this basis. Source: Basic and swift way to do it When […]

How to Optimize Your Website with Multivariate Testing

Tweet Source: When sales take a hit, most webmasters pull up site traffic data to figure out what could have gone wrong. This seems like a reasonable approach, except traffic isn’t the only thing that should be considered. One aspect that’s just as important but is often overlooked is how much you’re converting from […]

The A/B Testing Guide: What to Test For

Tweet You might have already heard of A/B testing from various marketing blogs and commerce sites. If you haven’t looked more into it and tried it out for your own website, then it’s high time for you to give it a shot so you can start increasing your conversion rate and begin getting more sales. […]