Google Webmaster Tools Now Showing “Total Links”

Tweet Google recently updated their Google Webmaster Tools to provide site owners with a lot of actionable data. While the updates were very informative and useful, the revisions did leave a key metric for SEOs – total links. This past Friday, Google announced they have re-added the “total links” value to the link reports in […]

Alternative PPC Research Tools

Tweet This post will be short and sweet and focus on some free paid search tools that you might not have used before. 1. Google Sets – allows you to create lists of related keywords. Simply input one or more words and Google will suggest related keyword phrases. Tilde search operator – Using advanced search operators […]

Why Aren’t My Google Adwords Ads Showing?

Tweet Have you ever uploaded an account – campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads – added billing info and then activated your Adwords campaign and then… nothing. Zero dollars spent. No impressions. No clicks. Chances are there is one simple issue within the account that is preventing your ads from showing in the search results. Here […]

Google Adwords Launches Bid Estimator

Tweet Adwords has been launching a lot of great new features lately the most recent answers a couple burning questions that every PPC account manager faces: How can I increase traffic without burning through my budget? How will raising my bid for ‘x’ keyword impact my account? Typically, finding the right bid has involved a […]

Free Google Analytics Tools

Tweet If you are new to Google Analytics or simply looking to give your tracking a boost check out these tools: URL Builder In order for Google Analytics to track your marketing campaigns effectively, you’ll need to add parameters to your online ads. As a result, the first tool you’ll need is the URL Builder.  […]

PPC Calculator Application for iTunes & iPhone

Tweet Cesar Serna recently released a pretty cool tool for pay per click management that can be downloaded via iTunes or the App Store on your iPhone or Ipod Touch. Using simple sliders, you can control your CPC, conversion percentage and total clicks to quickly see if your pay per click campaign is headed for […]