Tip: Google Adwords Headline Display URL Capitlization

Tweet As most of you know, back in January, Google updated their display URL policy to display all URLs in lower case – and it was assumed they would display in lower-case regardless of whether the URLs were entered with capitalization or not. Then, starting in May, Google began pulling the display URL into the […]

Google Showing Display URL Domain in Headline for Select Adwords Ads

Tweet Google has done a great job in recent months in pushing the limits and possibilities of the ‘traditional’ paid search ad that consisted of a blue 25 character headline, two descriptions lines of 35 characters each and a display URL offering an additional 35 characters. The current options include extended ad headlines, sitelinks, location […]

Google Changing Display URL Policy Again – All Lower-Case

Tweet A heads up to all paid search folks; Google is changing their display URL policy. No definitive date that I can see yet, but in the coming weeks, all paid search display URLs will be lower case. No exceptions. Note* This does not affect text ads on the Google display network. here’s the low-down […]

How to Fix Dynamic URL SEO Issues

Tweet We’ve all seen the hundreds of blog posts written that warn about dynamic URL issues that create duplicate content and at the same time dilute link value. That said, rarely is a fix or alternative offered to overcome these issues. Well, hopefully you’ll get at least two options out of this post. So why are […]