Get More YouTube Views With These Quick Tips

Tweet Millions of people located all over the globe watch YouTube. This video sharing site is so popular that you can find videos on almost any subject you can think of from hairstyling to fishing. Just type in the keywords and see what pops up. With so many people visiting YouTube, it’s a great opportunity […]

How To Not Show Other Videos At The End of Your YouTube Video

Tweet I’ve written a few posts about YouTube SEO and video optimization but something I’ve gotten asked by clients every so often is “How do you prevent my videos from showing a whole lot of other people’s videos as options once my video is over?” Well, I thought I’d provide a quick answer via this […]

YouTube Extends Video Upload Limits

Tweet I’ve written about the powers of YouTube ideo optimization before, so I thought it would be good to send out a quick update on the latest news from YouTube. YouTube has extended the upload limits past the current 15 minute limit for certain accounts. Please note: Approved accounts must have a history of following community […]

Adwords Help Videos

Tweet Believe it or not, there are some simple and basic functions of Adwords that can be a bit cumbersome – especially for newbies. These new Adwords  videos below cover some of those potential hangup areas: Entering billing information Adjusting your budget Using the Ad Preview tool Applying a Promotional Credit to an existing account Viewing […]