Official: Yahoo Site Explorer to Be Discontinued

Tweet Well, this post will be short and sweet – I’m not sure if you’ve heard but Yahoo! Site Explorer will officially be sent to the dumpster later this year. The exact date has yet to be determined, however, the APIs are set to expire on September 15th. Due to the Bing and Yahoo merger […]

Bing Webmaster Tools Releases Updated SEO Content

Tweet Bing recently provided webmasters with an overhaul of Bing Webmaster Tools. Below you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the new features and updates that I’m sure you’ll find useful. Before we get into the details, you can view the official blog post for yourself here. At a high level, here are is a quick […]

Easy Webmaster Tools Verification with WordPress Plugin

Tweet I’ll keep this post short and sweet, but this is definitely a must install for webmasters with self-hosted WordPress blogs. There is now a Webmaster Tools site verifcation plugin for WordPress that completely automates the verification process! To install, simply navigate to the “Install Plugins” control panel built into your WordPress blog, or download […]

Yahoo Site Explorer vs. Bing Webmaster Tools

Tweet I was just doing some research around site submission and came across some interesting information about the fate of Yahoo! Site Explorer. There is conflicting information from Yahoo itself stating that you should both continue to use Site Explorer because it isn’t going away and that you should stop using it because it’s being […]