The Horrible Client – A Graphical Guide

Tweet Web design can be one of the most fulfilling professions an individual can pursue. You fulfill the wishes of clients, leave your mark on the web, and take part in one of the most rapidly shifting industries on the planet. The life of a web designer can be difficult, however, and nothing gets under […]

Do You Really Need Your Website These Days?

Tweet If Web 2.0 saw a rush to set up Websites, Web 3.0 may see a similar rush to get rid of the same! Social network media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and others are here to stay and gain strength day by day. With more and more online users hooked up to […]

Google Showing Display URL Domain in Headline for Select Adwords Ads

Tweet Google has done a great job in recent months in pushing the limits and possibilities of the ‘traditional’ paid search ad that consisted of a blue 25 character headline, two descriptions lines of 35 characters each and a display URL offering an additional 35 characters. The current options include extended ad headlines, sitelinks, location […]