How To Not Show Other Videos At The End of Your YouTube Video

Tweet I’ve written a few posts about YouTube SEO and video optimization but something I’ve gotten asked by clients every so often is “How do you prevent my videos from showing a whole lot of other people’s videos as options once my video is over?” Well, I thought I’d provide a quick answer via this […]

YouTube Extends Video Upload Limits

Tweet I’ve written about the powers of YouTube ideo optimization before, so I thought it would be good to send out a quick update on the latest news from YouTube. YouTube has extended the upload limits past the current 15 minute limit for certain accounts. Please note: Approved accounts must have a history of following community […]

How To: Youtube SEO & Video Optimization

Tweet SEO goes through ‘hot trends’ or I guess trends in general just the same as fashion, restaurants and everything else. Everything from no-follow, to local search, to the new keyword research tool and universal search. The difference between an SEO ‘hot topic’ and your traditional trend is the influence of Google. Until Google says […]