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Search engines generate nearly 90% of all Internet traffic and are responsible for 55% of all E-commerce transactions - and these percentages continue to grow year over year! Today, it is essential for all businesses to have an online presence and to make SEO a primary part of their online business strategy. PPC For Hire helps you define, evolve and implement a powerful ethical Search Engine Optimization strategy to make the most of your online business potential. Working with this primary objective in mind, the SEO Team at PPC For Hire uses its expertise and proven set of ethical, white-hat techniques to provide conversion optimized online content, website navigation, source code, etc to make your website more search engine friendly and naturally rank higher.

Ethical SEO Methodology

Our ethical SEO packages are a powerful and thoroughly researched solution to growing your business online. All of our Search Engine Optimization projects are handled by SEO experts and follow a proven and systematic process to analyze and deep-optimize websites utilizing proven ethical techniques. We carry out each SEO project with the following ethical methodology:

  1. Initial Website SEO Analysis:
    The initial web site analysis is designed to research your website’s current success being indexed in the search engines, uncover problem areas & challenges and evaluate its current traffic trends.
  2. Keyword Research:
    Keyword research is the most important aspect of any SEO campaign. Objective is not just to research high-traffic keywords but to identify keywords, which have high relevance to the site, have high potential for conversion, have high potential to rank, and have lower competition so that the SEO campaign gives optimum performance to each dollar spent.
  3. Website Optimization:
    Site optimization involves a careful handling of the SEO process starting with grouping keywords based on the assessment of website and page themes. On-page optimization includes Title & Meta tags optimization, image and alt tage optimization, anchor text and on-page copywriting for best performance. Other aspects like error pages and sitemaps are handled for easy indexing and higher rankings.
  4. Site Submission and Link Building:
    Site is submitted to top search engines, applicable industry directories and industry yellow pages as well as local directories. Site announcements and press releases are written and submitted where applicable.

Throughout each step, the SEO team interacts with the client via a secured cilent portal and valuable inputs and feedback are taken and incorporated into the website optimization project wherever possible.

PPC For Hire offers both customized & packaged SEO service solutions. Each ethical SEO package is carefully designed to give your website maximum boost in traffic for the money you invest in your website!

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